We are a team of coffee lovers, who are in love with capturing

REAL love & REAL life



 OH hello! I’m Jamie.
I’m sometimes quiet, sometimes chatty, and sometimes an awkward duck. My favourite place to be is behind a camera. It’s where I’m most comfortable, other than my couch watching netflix.
I have a big family and I love it. I’m a good friend and will always tell you the truth. I’m getting married to my favourite person this year and couldn’t be more thrilled about it.
I’m always chasing the light so don’t worry if at an engagement session we go to a parking garage or behind a restaurant, because it’s going to turn out great I promise.
I love flat whites, my cat Pancake, and anything teal. But I love love the most.

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 Hey, I’m Erin!
I hate introductions, but here I am - you gotta get to know me somehow, right?
I’m married to my high school sweetheart (we met in Gr. 7 math.. He was mean to me and I fell in love). Momma to an extremely curious little man and the fluffiest pupper. I am wildly into murdering house plants, planning home renos that I likely can’t afford & swearing at inappropriate times.
I’m always after those dreamy and beautiful ‘in-between’ moments.
I will say ‘perfect’ probably too many times during your photo session.. and I will 100% cry at your wedding.

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