Oh hello there!
I’m Jamie! Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and raised in Fergus Ontario and now currently living in Ottawa, though I miss my bluenoser roots I love the busy and beautiful city of Ottawa. I first knew I wanted to be a photographer when I was on a mission trip to Dominican Republic. I was exposed to a different culture and so many beautiful little faces in a completely new and inspiring place. It was a pretty amazing trip that inspired me to take several more mission trips and to keep going on adventures. I love capturing the important moments in peoples lives and creating something special with clients that they can cherish forever. I love documentary style photography and natural light and I express that through my art as much as possible.
I also love coffee, pho and my future cat, pancakes. (Life update: I got pancakes!)


Hello, I’m Erin!
When I was little, I always had a disposable camera on the go, taking pictures of my family, friends or my Barbies (I seriously still have the photos of my barbies). I truly fell in love with photography during a school trip to Italy. We were in the middle of Piazza del Duomo in Florence, when my digital camera broke. My dad had sent me on the trip with his old Pentax K1000 and a few rolls of film. I had only shot on film a few times before but it all seemed natural. Shooting film helped me develop my skills, and to find beauty in the small and simple moments and to embrace the challenges of working with natural light. Capturing sweet moments in life is something I live for… oh and coffee..