Valerie Miles’ Branding Session

Oh hello!

Photographers are usually not fans of being in front of the camera! There is a reason Erin and I change our facebook business profile photo once a year. We like to stay behind the scenes and capture everyone else. BUT even photographers have to update their head shots once and awhile.

Today we are showcasing the wonderful and talented Valerie Miles! We actually met Valerie at Algonquin College where Erin and I did the Photography program, so we go way back! Valerie reached out to us to do a Branding session and we are were so honoured and a little nervous she asked us! Valerie is a full time working Wedding and portrait photographer so pressure was on to photography another photog and have them like it!

Valerie is a lover of plants so she already had an idea of where we wanted to be captured. She decided on the tropical greenhouse in the experimental farm. If you haven’t been there you should really go check it out! This is from Canada gardens website describing the greenhouse:

”The elegant structure was originally built at Major’s Hill Park in downtown Ottawa and moved to the Farm in 1938 to be used for horticultural research. Now a heritage building, it became a tropical garden open to the public in the 1970s. This 1,600 sq ft tropical garden is found in a heritage building notable for its beautiful lines and traditional design. Raised beds frame the circular path featuring a variety of heat-loving plants, tropical rainforest natives, Cacti and succulents.”

Here is Val in front of one of the beautiful greenhouses with her dog Eddie.


We had a blast capturing Val in and around the tropical greenhouse! Thanks so much Val for asking and trusting us to capture your new head shots! Check out Valerie’s work here:

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