Kerith & Jason's one year wedding anniversary

Hi everyone,

We wanted to do a blog post this week because it was Kerith & Jason’s one year wedding anniversary on April 21st! This wedding has not gotten as much social media love as it deserves so we wanted to make a blog post to highlight some beautiful moments from this day one year ago. We absolutely loved capturing this day for them, it was our first wedding of 2018 and it set a high standard for the rest of the year.

Kerith and Jason got married at a beautiful church in Westboro and then their wedding reception was at the Museum of Nature. It was our first time photographing a wedding there and it was truly stunning to work with gorgeous light and architecture of that museum. We got the whole place to ourselves and got to adventure around the empty halls, it was so much fun for us to explore that museum with the newly married couple.

Kerith and Jason really made the day true to them. They were so many details that made there day special, everything from Kerith’s wedding dress which was handmade by her Mother, shots at a local bar after they were pronounced ‘bride and groom’ to having bride and groom dinosaurs at there reception, since they were in a nature/dinosaur museum. I love when the bride and groom do these little details for themselves, because at the end of the day it’s about the couple and their life together and a wedding should reflect the bride and groom in whatever way they choose. Enjoy these photos from Kerith and Jason’s wedding from April 21st 2018.
Happy anniversary love birds! Cheers to many more years together.

Happy one year anniversary Kerith & Jason!

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