Sulin and Matthew's Surprise Proposal

Hi everyone, we hope you are having an amazing week! Today we want to share a special shoot that we are so lucky we got the chance to do.

In February, Matthew contacted us and asked us if we could take photos of him and his girlfriend at the time going for a walk in there first date location Confederation Park, OH and that he was going to propose to her that night as well! (eeeee)

We have captured two surprise proposals in the past and they are full of pressure, excitement and all the emotion. Of course we wanted to take on that challenge again. Matthew and I figured out a plan of action and then the day came. It was February in Ottawa so it was a wee bit chilly but worth it. Matthew and Sulin were perfectly on time and walked through the park on cue and then BAM Matthew got on one knee and Sulin said yes! We loved capturing the raw emotion of that moment but also loved creating a story for them to show to family and friends across the world. We went for a 20 min walk with them afterwards where we could take a few more photos, visit there workplace, warm up and even got to capture Sulin calling home to tell family the big news. It was such a honour to capture those memories, I’ll definitely never forget it.

The cherry on top of this amazing event is that the CBC contacted Matthew and I, to ask to use some photos for an article they wrote on proposal spots in Ottawa. The article came out a few days later on Valentines day. You can check out the full article here: