Top 5 things in our bags

5 things we can't live without (As wedding photographers!)

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As wedding photographers we often get asked questions about how we work and what we carry with us during the day! So we made a list for your curious minds about our personal top 5 items we need to have with us on a wedding day- this is kind of a more of a fun post but we hope you get a little bit of insight into the behind the scenes of being a wedding photographer- enjoy! Of course our camera is #1 so this list is excluding that important item. Here we go with the top 5 things in our bags as wedding photographers:


#1. Coffee/water

I mean obvious, but we can’t live with coffee. PERIOD. But especially before a wedding. Water is pretty much all we drink during a wedding because it’s a lot of physical work and we can be shooting upwards of 10 hours in a day so you have to stay hydrated especially during that summer heat.

#2. Wedding timeline

This one is super important. Created by the Bride/Groom and often we are asked for input, which we love. Clients often ask us how long family photos take or when we should sneak out to capture bride and groom at sunset. We love helping create a timeline for you and being a Hello Lovely client you can ask us questions about it anytime. It has details on all the locations, people involved and phone and room numbers. We refer to it often to stay on track, time wise and to make sure everything is getting covered. We don’t know what we would do without it.

#3. Emergency kit

Over our three years of shooting weddings as Hello Lovely I have gathered items that I find are forgotten or used often that become especially helpful during the getting ready portion of the wedding day. It includes:

Scissors (the number #1 item used from my kit. Used so often I have two pairs.)
band aids
hand sanitizer
needle and thread
hair ties
tide to go
compact mirror
nail clippers & file
bug repellent

#4. Snacks

Don’t worry we share.
As I mentioned above we can sometimes work up to 10 hours at a wedding (that’s actually our largest package.) Even though at a wedding there is tons of food at dinner and we have in our contract to be eating as well, that’s often hours away from when we start our actual work day. We need to stay energized and hangry photographers are not productive photographers. Also many times the bride and groom are nervous/ excited and forget to eat in the morning so by the time their photo session starts with us they are often HUNGRY. So don’t worry, we pack enough snacks to share in case you forget to eat or weren’t in the mood earlier. We have saved the day several times over when we pulled out a extra granola bar to a hungry bride.

#5. Rain coverage

Alright last but not least, rain coverage. I know it’s every bride and grooms nightmare to have a rainy wedding day but as a photographer it happens and a little rain is not as bad as it seems. We always carry an umbrella and clear rain bags to protect our camera and gear from getting wet. Sometimes venue’s have indoor alternatives which is great but either way always have a rain plan. Other times you just have to suck it up and shoot outside. We have shot in all types of weather and honestly some of our favourite wedding photos are rainy ones. So if you are a bride or groom planning just remember weather is out of your control and we will make it work either way.

That’s it for our list of top 5 things we need in our bag as a wedding photographers! I hope you got some insight into our world and why we are always carrying so many bags. #baglady4lyfe

After the wedding we gotta have that Chicago Mix! It’s kind of a car ride tradition home for Erin and I and it’s a good one.

but we wish we were.

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