Self Love Sessions / Aurelia's Self Love Session

We introduced Self Love sessions at the beginning of last year. They are our take on a ‘boudoir’ style session. But instead of having ladies just posing in their undies (I mean, nothing wrong with that).. we wanted something MORE! We wanted to give women the opportunity to be themselves and empower themselves in front to the camera.

These intimate sessions are designed to help you embrace your beauty - no extra make up - no extra retouching - just you.

In the great words of Kendrick Lamar - “Show me something natural, like ass with some stretch marks”

But in all seriousness - We encourage you to get cozy.. whatever your cozy is! Wear your sweats, messy bed head and grab a donut! Whatever makes you warm and fuzzy inside!

Featured below is Aurelia’s self love session, That we captured back in January. One of the first intimate sessions I ever shot, was in college (almost 9 years ago now..) with this wild soul and have been in love with capturing this style ever since. Check out this unique beauty!

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