Kelly & Tim's One Year Wedding Anniversary!

In grade 10 guitar class one day, we were having hot chocolate, I honestly don’t remember WHY, but what I do remember is spilling my hot chocolate on a girl I didn’t know. That girl happened to be Kelly. We became pretty fast friends after that. Living down the road (country terms for a neighbourhood over) from each other in high school led to many sleepovers, adventures, road trips, camping and getting up to no good!

In 2013 this babe jetted off of the UK to pursue her career as a chef. There, in a little hotel, in Basingstoke, she would meet Tim.
I got to meet Tim for the first time in 2015, when I went to visit Kelly. He drove an hour and a bit, by himself, to get me from the airport. Needless to say we had a good chunk of time getting to know each other (even though I could barely understand his accent at the time..) in the car on the way back. That’s also when he told me about the ring he bought for Kelly.

Last year, not only did I get to photograph their intimate wedding, but I was also a witness. 6 of us gathered at Kelly’s parents dock and celebrated the ‘I do’s’ with champagne and an adorable picnic. Getting to watch my life long friend make this commitment was beautiful.

Happy Anniversary Kelly & Tim. Here’s to many more! Love you both!

PS. You may or may not recognized these two from their bomb ass food truck - The Cheeky Chippy! If you haven’t been out to Almonte to check it out - you HAVE to go! And definitely get the deep fried pickles!!!

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