Let’s get familiar with your day!
Now — we aren’t wedding planners; but we are VERY flexible/adaptable to your plans and whatever your day might throw our way! BUT that being said, we want to have a better understanding of your schedule and expectations!

We will forward you a copy of this form after it is complete!

Name *
How are you doing your first look? *
some couples like to see each other before the ceremony to have an intimate moment and to get out any jitters - but others like to keep it traditional and leave the surprise moment to the aisle!
Do you want getting ready photos of the Bride/Bridal party *
If yes, please make sure your getting ready locations have good natural light and are decluttered, this makes for seamless, quick and pretty photos. (please no garbage, bags, food) Assign a bridesmaid to clean up the area before we arrive.
If you are doing getting ready photos of the Bride/Bridal party, would you like detail shots of special items (rings, invites, jewelry etc.) *
IF yes, please make sure to have all items with the bride/bridal party. Include any details you might want photos of : the rings, jewelry, the invites, the shoes, florals, etc
Do you want groom/groomsmen getting ready photos? *
Note - if you have a package that only has one photographer - make sure you allow enough time in the schedule for the photographer to get from one getting ready location to the next.
Would you like photos of your cocktail hour?
If yes, one of your photographers will capture cocktail hour, while the other captures your formal photos. *NOTE: this is only applicable for packages with two photographers.*
Would you like Golden Hour photos? *
If yes, please note when the sun is setting the day of your wedding and build about 10 mins into your schedule for this.
Are you doing a full group photo with all guests? *
If so, please allow 10-15 mins directly after the ceremony for this. It is the best time to do this, as everyone is already in one place!
We want photos of..
Please select all that apply *NOTE: please allow 5 mins in the schedule per item*
ie. live music as you walk down the aisle, performances, fireworks, special toasts, religious or other special wedding traditions, etc.